The Ask

Overcoming Poverty Starts with You

The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation of New Brunswick had noticed three core issues contributing to the poverty cycle: literacy, food security, and transportation. They needed a way to engage and educate the public, because only together can we lift each other out of the cycle.

The What

Clean and Simple Interface

Small Acts, Big Impact, is a mighty microsite built in collaboration with The Details Design and Made By Elm City, with three main goals: educate the public in a visually captivating way, provide local resources in an intuitive indexing system, and become a live feed hub for the images posted to social media sites using the #smallact campaign hashtag.

The How

Custom Features and Easy to Manage

The Small Acts site required some unique features: community resources and the #smallact campaign live feed. The large number of community resources  needed to be able to be filtered by both service and region. The #smallact live feed required a full-fledged custom WordPress plugin to automatically scrape social media for hashtagged posts while providing an easy to use approval system.

The Where

Quick and Responsive for those with limited access

The website is fully responsive outputting perfectly on all screen sizes and orientations. More importantly, the site is quick and fully optimized for lesser-bandwidth connections to reach those with limited access, such as from rural areas or community centers.