The Ask

Your City, Rediscovered

The concept of People.Places.Things. is simple: reconnect you with the people, places and things that make your neighborhood awesome, and share your thoughts with those who live around you.

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We all have opinions about what would make our community a better place to live.

We talk with our neighbours about those axle-busting potholes on the street or the burnt out lights at the crosswalk. But it’s hard to get the word out.

The What

Your Community, in your Pocket

People.Places.Things. is a social network with a local focus. See something entertaining or needs attention? Add your comments with AR stickers and post a short 8-second video. Others in your area will be able to see it and chime in, or tag your cities public works account to have them notified that your post is something they should know about.

At its heart, People.Places.Things. is a public consultation tool. But instead of having to go to a dry meeting at city hall, you’ve got a way to voice your opinions right from your pocket.

And as a bonus, it’s fun!

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The How

Bringing Us Together, Through Technology

People.Places.Things. acts like a social media network with the ability to scout around and connect with friends, while bringing together several advanced technologies to create a focused user experience. By utilizing video, location services, and augmented reality, the app makes it fun and easy to share your thoughts about what you see around you. Discover and connect with others who are interested in engaging in a community dialogue, or simply want to share what they love about your neighbourhood.

The Where

In Your Neighbourhood

Content is organized by location, instead of recency or popularity. Look around using a built-in compass feature and find videos posted in that direction, nearest-by first. View the location the video was taken on a map with walking directions, and if you want, head out there to see for yourself or to add your own comments to leave behind in that location. Think of it like digital graffiti for you neighbours to see, without the need for spray paint.