The Ask

The best source for informed lively commentary since 1992

2017 marked the 25th anniversary of Inroads Journal, a print-based academic journal whose online presence had been left behind in the 90’s. In today‚Äôs shrill, hyper-partisan media environment, informed, evidence-based analysis, untainted by an ideological agenda, is needed more than ever.

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The What

A premium platform for insightful readers

In collaboration with The Details Design, the goal for Inroads Journal was to get readers engaging with critical issues online. With 25 years of premier content contributed by experts worldwide of all political views, they needed a clean, responsive platform to draw readers in while offering added benefit to their subscribers.

The How

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Built on a super-charged WordPress theme, the Inroads website seamlessly integrates the powerful WooCommerce plugin with Subscriptions and Memberships add-ons customized to a T. With a slew of membership tools, managing the Inroads subscriber-ship is as easy as pie.

The Where

A great read everywhere on every device

In 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed that of desktops for the first time; this is a big deal, especially for online news, as more people prefer to consume their news media while on the go. Responsivity is my bread and butter, but Inroads is not just “mobile-first” or a “tablet-reader”- it’s enhanced for every single screen to be the most enjoyable read no matter where you are.