The Ask

The city never sleeps

The popularity of the HotSpot Parking all-in-one transportation app took off faster than anyone could have imagined, and with tens-of-thousands of users and municipalities using the app as part of their daily routine or municipal infrastructure, HotSpot’s focus was squarely on keeping traffic moving.

The What

A Shiny New Coat of Paint

HotSpot reached out to The Details Design and I with a problem: features had outpaced usability and people were having a hard time understanding what was going on. They asked us to overhaul to the HotSpot experience, and we were delighted for the opportunity to take a user-centered design approach to an app already had in our pockets.

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What Else

Get Going with an Easygoing Website

In many cases, a website is the first-impression a customer will get of a brand and its vision. With the app getting some new rims, the website needed a polish to make HotSpot’s value proposition communicate quickly and clearly. Easier said than done, we needed to balance messaging for HotSpot’s diverse customer-base: individuals, businesses, municipalities and private lot operators. Seriously, HotSpot does it all.

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The How

Simplifying a Complicated App with React Native

With just shy of 150 views and both iOS and Android support, the HotSpot app is BIG and getting bigger. In comes React Native, a Javascript framework that allows for full-featured simultaneous native iOS and Android deployment.

The real power of React Native comes from its componentized views, which allowed for us to develop a tool-set of elements: text, widgets, modals, inputs, pickers, and drawables; that could be mixed-and-matched to quickly and easily create screens with sophisticated functionality and consistency. That means you code it once and it works everywhere!

The Where

Making Parking Effortless

I have continued to work with HotSpot to develop other products, such as the NFC Tap Parking applet, which allows for instant parking payment via Apple or Google Pay, with just a tap of your phone. Or the Realtime Lot Map which shows where there’s free spots before you even leave the house.

Chances are good that HotSpot will be coming to your city soon. It makes parking so effortless, it’s a no brainer. Welcome to the future of parking!