St. Georges YouthNet Moving Images

YouthNet Moving Images

The St. George’s YouthNet Moving Images project was a Halifax-based community arts project that inspired kids from a neighborhood in need to create community engaged artwork using alternative mediums. Facilitated by artists Ariella Pahlke and Melinda Spooner, the kids explored how to enrich their community through map making, dance, music, and video. The kids were taught that thinking outside of the box can create positive effects on the inside. They were hooked up with creative professionals from their own community to see how creativity is a road for success.

To support the projects ideals and unique media requirements, I designed and developed a fun and colorful map-inspired website that integrates varied media documentation into a space that’s surprising and fun to explore. Pop-ups, hidden links, animations, audio snippets, embedded video players and photo galleries creates a space that always has something new to discover. Utilizing HTML5/CSS3 advancements, the site functions seemlessly and intuitively. It’s really hard to explain, actually, so check it out!

St. Georges YouthNet Moving Images


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