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Overview: Electronic Music

Chrome Encrusted EP

Chrome Encrusted EP – Lukas

Welcome to Chrome Encrusted EP, the debut album by Lukas. I offer you here FIVE audio tracks, free for download. Chrome Encrusted EP melds sentiments of aimless exploration and pleasure craft. A drove of abrupt pianos, swirling guitar riffs, rapt bass lines, shimmering drums; Chrome Encrusted is intent on consuming your space. Listen to ChromeREAD ON…

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Doberman – Death or Serious Injury

m4s0n501 The duo of Death or Serious Injury is myself paired with the amazing Gintas Tirilis. As two long estranged electronic musicians rarely able to intersect in person, Doberman was a project that started at a distance with tracks and snippets passing back and forth over the internet. Over a stint in December of 2010,READ ON…

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