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It can sometimes be difficult to find an answer to a very specific electronics related question online. I know I have searched for hours trying to troubleshoot a circuit, just to give up with no success. There are lots of reasons why circuit issues are hard to search out: unsure of the actual root problem, terminology, circuit specific incompatibilities, the fact that the search term “electronics” often results in consumer products, or searching for a particular component gets you datasheets and vendors.

Well, I came across a very friendly and knowledgeable electrical engineering forum at It has a strong community of proponents practicing with circuits and DIY electronics hacking, and is a great place to ask that question that you just don’t know how else to ask. To pose your question in your own words, someone will help clarify and point you in the right direction. I find the tags a great way to narrow down, and the search function is actually accurate. There’s also a cool “Badge” system, which is like Achievements in video-games, where if you participate and meet certain goals, you get recognized for it!

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